Graduate (Master's) Degree

Public Administration – two year full-time/part-time studies

While studying a student:

 - gains advanced knowledge in the field of public administration, law and economics, their importance and their role for social sciences;

 - gains advanced knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of current law, public administration and state organisation;

 - gains the ability to use acquired knowledge in the framework of their professional activity, i.e. to analyse and solve legal problems;

 - gains the ability to analyse and solve problems under current law and in accordance with ethical standards.



The advantage of the studies is the possibility to choose one of three specialties (pathways): e-Administration, Public Policy Coordinator or Business Administration. The graduates gain knowledge compliant with current market needs and in accordance with their interests. The skills and competences acquired during the studies enable proper performance of all the tasks imposed on positions which require knowledge in the field of public administration, in particular management positions and independent specialist positions.

Social Economy – two year full-time/part-time studies, a practice oriented approach

While studying a student:

- gains advanced theoretical and primarily practical  knowledge of both conventional and alternative tools and techniques enabling the fulfilling of social needs;

- acquires the ability to manage social economy entities;

- develops his/her communication skills, in particular improving the ability to express his/her own opinions.



Graduates are prepared to play an active role in society, having been given a thorough professional preparation for taking up and supporting social initiatives. In addition, the graduates gain knowledge of advanced techniques enabling mobilization of social capital as well as acquiring the ability to collaborate with local authorities, together with knowledge in the field of human resource management which allows solving social problems. During the studies great emphasis is placed on preparation for functioning in today's international labour market. The graduates gain the ability to develop advanced management and leadership skills as well as the ability to achieve goals through teamwork. In addition, the graduates acquire negotiation and mediation skills and gain knowledge of techniques of conducting social campaigns in order to win public support.